10 Best Class B RVs For Full-Time Camping

There are many advantages to traveling the world in a Class B campervan instead of a gigantic full fledged motorhome or trailer. A van’s neat size means easier handling and maneuvering on the open road, plus you won’t need to haul along another compact vehicle for running errands or exploring the area, and it can fit in any standard parking lot.

While a Class B van is ideal for the spontaneous weekend travelers due to the limits in size, the very best class B RV on the market manage to pack a lot in a small space and come fully equipped with all the amenities and comfort that you will ever need for full-time, four season camping.

You will find here in-depth reviews of the very best class B RV for full time living, with something for every camper. There are basic and affordable pop top vans for the budget travelers and first-time RV owners, off-road ready vans, four-season vans made to withstand extreme climates and surprisingly luxury vans that thoughtfully condense all the high tech creatures of comfort, aesthetics and craftsmanship of full size high-end motorhomes in a modest floor plan.

How Much Is A Class B RV For Full-Time Living?

Many would-be RV owners might be opting for Class B RVs instead of their bulkier and fully-equipped counterparts, hoping to save a significant amount since Class B vans are by far the smallest class of RV, only after the tiny teardrop trailers. That is why it’s important to have a realistic expectation as to the cost of a solid Class B RV that is conducive to full-time, four-season camping.

One way for the budget campers to save money is to hunt for a cheap second hand van and spend extra money, plus your own time, to give it a makeover and the repairs it might need.

Otherwise, if you’re buying new, note that a ruggedly constructed van that can offer all the necessary amenities you will need for full time camping will not be that much less expensive than a full size motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel, just because it is much smaller.

Taking the average price for a spacious and fully equipped Class A motorhome as the basis, the MSRP of a Class B minivan is not proportional to its modest size. While there are many models below $70,000, they are often lacking in space, amenities, construction quality, insulation, craftsmanship or ride quality and handling. 

You get what you pay for, and in the case that you wish to roam the world year round, you should be looking for the best Class B RVs with a price starting from around $100,000. A van is small, but it will still be your home for 365 days a year, so do not compromise when it comes to quality. Plenty of budget campers have regretted not chipping in a bit more to get a more solid van, after being on the road for a while and noticing every problem and everything that their van lacks. 

Construction quality, amenities and space are particularly important if you have some extra needs, for instance if you travel with your kids, if you work remotely from your van all the time, or if you are often exposed to extreme and varying weather conditions. For those who work remotely every day, having a dedicated space designed to be flexibly customized as your workstation might make your camping life so much easier.

Or many campers might wish to occasionally take extended off-grid trips, so your Class B van must be equipped with an extra powerful deep cycle battery pack that can keep you powered for longer, and a solar system to keep your house battery charged. This also adds to the price tag. 

Another important advantage of the more expensive and higher quality Class B RVs is better handling and more safety and driver assistance technologies. It’s common to have to drive for a few days to get to your next campsite, so a solid van that’s comfortable to drive in and smooth to handle will be well worth the extra money. 

So in short, to adequately support full-time living, and comfortable living at that, plus a variety of extra needs, the best Class B RV is in essence a fully equipped  full size coach compressed into the compact dimensions of a van. This compression creates many challenges in terms of construction, engineering and space layout, which is why the best Class B RV with well-appointed features and an interior conducive to living would cost more than you would think. 

One more note is that most vans do not have a bathroom and a washer dryer combo onboard due to limited size. Only the more luxurious Class B, that is one in the $100,000-plus range, would have a toilet with a wet bath, and only the very best rated class B RV would have a standing shower.

Other than that, the best Class B RV offers all the amenities for daily living, including sleeping arrangements for two adults up to a family of four, a kitchen, a dinette/lounge area, an entertainment center, with some extra creatures of comfort like an outdoor hot and cold shower or a solar system. 

Of course, if you are a single or couple traveler or a first time camper who does not travel 365 days a year but only take short trips at a time, you might be willing to sacrifice drivability, space and comfort for affordability. There are a wide range to choose from for under $80,000, and quite many options below $50,000 too. 

The Best Class B RV For Year Round Camping

1. Best Luxury Class B RV: Airstream Interstate

At a glance:

  • MSRP: Interstate 24GT starts at $194,256
  • Number of floorplans: 2
  • Sleeps: 4
  • What’s special about it: Optional 4-wheel-drive, solar system, unmatched aesthetics and craftsmanship, biggest and most comfortable sleeping quarters in its class, most driver assist features

Notable Features:

  • 300 Watt solar system, 13,500 BTU A/C, 16,000 BTU furnace, 60,000 BTU on-demand water heater, 
  • Lounge: Built-in workstation, solid surface table, leather seatings, HDTV, USB charging ports
  • Sleeping arrangements: power rear sofa + ottoman seats transformed into 70” x 82” bed, optional front bed
  • Kitchen: 5.0 cu. ft. fridge, 1.6 cu. ft. drawer freezer, 1.2 cu. ft. drawer microwave, 2-burner cooktop with integrated cover, sink with integrated cover, pantry with built-in drawers & shelves, solid shut cabinets, countertop with backsplash, waste basket & paper towel holder built-in under galley top
  • Bathroom: One-piece shower, vanity sink, toilet, retractable clothesline, towel rack
  • Exterior: outside hot shower, awning and patio with LED lighting

If we don’t concern ourselves with the price tag, then anything from the Airstream Interstate line deserves the title as the best class B camper van in all aspects, depending on your specific needs. The Interstate line has been Airstream’s No. 1 best seller in the Class B category ever since its introduction. Every model in this line has something unique to offer, but I particularly have a soft spot for the legendary Airstream Interstate 24GT. Price starts just under $200,000, but you’re getting a true tiny house on wheels, and the more you live in one, the more you will think it is worth every single penny, both inside and out. Like other Airstream Class B vans, the Interstate 24GT is also iconic and very Instagram worthy!

And if you have traveled in one of these, you will not want to spend your whole life on the open road in anything else. It’s pretty hard to find one of the same standards of construction quality, aesthetic and workmanship as this true luxury Class B RV. You get the very best in safety, drivability, ride quality, aesthetics, functions and comfort, as well as fuel and power efficiency. You won’t ever miss the cozy home you left behind, and as such, the price is well justified for a real tiny home. Plus, another huge perk is the optional 4-wheel-drive for better off-road capability. 

You get everything you need even without upgrades. This state-of-the-art van packs more than 50 best-in-class standard features. The standard two-wheel-drive version of the Interstate 24GT is 24’6” long and 9’8″ high, which is adequately spacious for two adults with a good amount of head room, while the optional four-wheel-drive offers a bit extra height at 9’11”. This van can comfortably sleep a small family of up to four people. The power rear sofa and ottoman seats can be transformed into a 70” x 82” bed, just shy of a regular 76” x 80” king bed. You can get an additional front bed on option to get extra sleeping space for one more adult or two young children.

This van is small, but is conducive to long trips off the beaten path and camping in extreme weather. In addition to Airstream’s renowned construction quality, the 13,500 BTU A/C, the 16,000 BTU furnace plus the 60,000 BTU on-demand water heater will allow you to travel comfortably in any climates, from the hottest summers to the coldest winters. Its fresh, gray and black tanks are all satisfactory for its size, so you can go on extended trips, including boondocking, far away from traditional campgrounds from time to time without needing hookups or needing to drive to the dump station. 

One crucial aspect of traveling full time, especially traveling off the beaten path, is cooking your own food. And having a smaller kitchen will not feel that much of a sacrifice, as this well-appointed galley kitchen comes with a 5.0 cu. ft. fridge, a drawer freezer, a drawer microwave, a 2-burner cooktop with integrated cover and a sink also with cover for extra counter space, Corian countertops, a spacious pantry, solid shit cabinet and high-quality handcrafted cabinetry made from woods imported from Italy. The craftsmanship, aesthetics and focus on user’s comfort really shines here, as with everywhere else.

The lounge area is equally functional and pleasing to the eyes with premium leather seatings, solid surface table, and HDTV. A nice little touch is the dedicated built-in workstation so you can work remotely every day while enjoying the RV life. The bathroom also comes complete with a shower, toilet, vanity sink, and towel rack. As you might expect from a true luxury Class B RV, there are extras here and there, like the retractable clothesline in the bathroom and even a hot and cold outside shower. You can take a quick rinse after coming back from your trek, or take your shower outside in good weather to prevent steaming up the interior. Casually lounge outside to relax or have your meals under the power awning with LED lights. 

As for handling and drivability, the Airstream Interstate is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 van chassis and comes with the 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine and 7-speed transmission. It comes with an array of safety and driver assist technologies, more than any other Class B vans on the market, including Front and Rear Parktronic Parking Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Rear Cross Traffic Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Brake Assist, and Air Ride Suspension system, a unique features from Mercedes-Benz to deliver the best ride quality in even when you’re off-roading.


  • GVWR: 11,030 lbs
  • GCWR: 15,250 lbs
  • Tow Capacity: Up to 5,000 lbs
  • Dimensions: Overall Length 24′ 6″, Overall Width 9′ 8″, Interior Height 6′ 2.25″
  • Tank Capacities: Fresh 27 gals, Gray 21 gals, Black 13 gals 

2. Best Diesel-Powered Van: Winnebago Boldt

At a glance:

  • MSRP: starts at $245,587
  • Number of floorplans: 2
  • Sleeps: 3 (70BL) or 2 (70KL)
  • What’s special about it: superb insulation, energy efficiency, fuel efficiency, unmatched power system

Notable Features:

  • Power: lithium-based Pure3 Advanced Energy System (12,000 watt-hours)
  • Heating and cooling: 20,400 BTU Truma Combi® Eco Plus Heating System, 15,000 BTU Coleman®-Mach®  A/C, roof vent with rain sensor
  • Lounge: Vinyl flooring throughout, movable table converts into standup desk, 24″ LED HDTV, OmniGo™ digital HDTV antenna, Bluetooth® Soundbar, adjustable/removable swivel table
  • Sleeping arrangements: 2 twin beds, convertible dinette seating/bed (70BL floor plan only), wardrobe (70BL comes with adjustable and removable shelves and clothes rod)
  • Kitchen: Corian® solid-surface countertop, single burner induction cooktop, 4.3 cu. ft. fridge, microwave (microwave/convection oven in 70KL), sink cover, pull-up flip-out table (70KL) or removable pedestal table (70BL), forward facing dinette seat/flex bed system (70BL)
  • Bathroom: Oxygenics® shower head, wet bath, 1.6 gallon water heater, roof vent, cabinet, folding clothes rod
  • Exterior: Side and rear screen door with magnetic closure, awning with LED lights

With prices starting from just under $250,000, that is more than the iconic Airstream Interstate, the Winnebago Boldt is truly in a class of its own in all aspects, and definitely the best Class B RV out there in the diesel powered category. If you prefer a forward looking van instead of a vintage looking one, you might like the Boldt more than the Airstream Interstate. 

There are many things that will wow you about this luxury van. Firstly, full-time campers all noticed its fuel and energy efficiency. Secondly, travelers who love to take their home on wheels to the most icy and snowy parts of the world for the winter universally agree that the Boldt offers surprisingly good insulation for a van. I also love that the Boldt has an impressive cargo capacity of 2,400 lbs, which is more than enough for a family of two or three.

But the most notable feature of all, at least for me, is the unmatched lithium-based Pure3 Advanced Energy System that can provide over 12,000 usable watt-hours of clean, quiet power, which is ample for a couple with a child. You can download the myVolta app  to monitor your system, including estimated running time, pack temperature, charging status and power usage.   

At 22’11” long, the interior feels spacious with plenty of headroom. In addition to the excellent insulation and construction quality, the high-end 20,400 BTU Truma Combi® Eco Plus Heating System and the 15,000 BTU Coleman®-Mach®  A/C plus the roof vent with rain sensor will keep the inside of your home on wheels livable and cozy, no matter what it’s like outside. The side and rear screen door with magnetic closure will keep the interior airy without overloading your A/C.

There are two floor plans. The only flaw with this amazing van is that there’s no option to upgrade to a king or queen bed, which might be a deal breaker for some couples. The 70BL floor plan features an independent lounge with ergonomic dinette seating that easily converts to single sleeper space thanks to the flex bed system, allowing for a third sleeper in addition to two adults who take up the two twin beds at the rear. Meanwhile, the 70KL floor plan does not come with this convertible dinette seating, so it only sleeps two.  

There are a number of options for your workstation solution. Both floor plans offer an adjustable/removable swivel table that you can install wherever you like, either at the front to pair with the passenger seat or in the sleeping area, so you can use your laptop on the bed. The 70BL offers a pull-up flip-out table to go with the dinette/bed combo, while the 70KL comes with a removable pedestal table that easily converts to a standup desk.The Boldt makes an ideal mobile office, with well placed lights, power outlets and USB ports.

There’s ample storage room. In addition to the overhead front cab shelf, the 70KL offers two wardrobes, while the 70BL has only one but comes with adjustable and removable shelves and clothes rod. As for other amenities and creatures of comfort, you can expect a lot from this luxury Class B RV. Quality materials and finishes as well as thoughtfully designed fixtures abound, including heavy duty vinyl flooring throughout, and especially the wet bath with Oxygenics® shower head, roof vent, a cabinet and a folding clothes rod. In short, the Boldt will require less additional fixtures and accessories to function as a full-time living space.

The Boldt also nails it when it comes to drivability, being built on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis and packed with safety features, including Collision avoidance system, Blind spot assist, Active lane keeping assist, Active brake assist, Traffic sign assist and Crosswind assist.


  • GVWR: 11,030 lbs
  • GCWR: 15,250 lbs
  • CCC: 2,400 lbs
  • Dimensions: Overall Length 22’11”, Interior Width 5’10”, Interior Height 6’3”
  • Tank Capacities: Fresh 21 gals, Gray 26 gals, Black 24 gals

3. Best Class B RV For Off-Road + Off-Grid Stays: Winnebago Revel

At a glance:

  • MSRP: Starts from $163,292
  • Number of floorplans: 1
  • Sleeps: 4
  • What’s special about it: 4-wheel-drive, powerful battery and solar system for off-grid, low maintenance interior materials and finish, fridge accessible from outside for taking meal prep outdoor

Notable Features:

  • Power: (2021 upgrades) two powerful 125-amp hour LiFePO batteries, 200-watt solar panel, 2,000-watt power inverter 
  • 13,500 BTU A/C, 17,000 BTU hydronic heating system
  • Interior: Heavy-duty vinyl flooring and ABS plastic wall coverings throughout, powered ventilator fan with rain cover, bench seat, pedestal removable table
  • Bedroom: 49” x 79” power lift bed, all-in-one underbed gear closet 
  • Kitchen: removable counter extension, refrigerator accessible from inside or outside, storable convection cooktop pull-up dinette table, folded aluminum constructed cabinets, 
  • Bathroom: wet bath, on-demand water heater
  • Exterior: an updated exterior table, rear shower, 9’ 6” awning, gear mounting roof rack

If you cannot handle the price of an Airstream Interstate, then the Winnebago Revel will be an excellent option, also fully equipped, luxurious and classy. Built on  a well-equipped Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, this is one of the best Class B RV out there for off-roading, as it’s one of the rarer offerings emboldened with 4-wheel-drive, so you can tackle rough terrains and travel off the beaten path with confidence to enjoy unspoilt nature, all the while not sacrificing comfort. In addition, the Revel comes with a full pack of all the needed safety technologies to make long distance traveling more bearable, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, low-range electronic stability and traction control, four-wheel anti-lock brake system, and active brake assist.

The Revel is not just off-road ready but also off-grid ready. The 2021 upgraded model now comes standard with a 200-watt solar system, a 2,000-watt power inverter and two powerful 125-amp hour lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO) batteries to keep you powered during extended boondocking trips. The house battery can be charged with shore power, but there’s also a dedicated second alternator to keep the batteries charged during extended off-grid stays. This system will give you a massive 3,125 Wh of usable power, and you can conveniently monitor everything using the Xantrex iOS/Android app. 

This desirable combination of off-road and off-grid capabilities make the Revel the best Class B RV for the adventurous campers and boondockers. The Revel is also conducive to four season living, thanks to the 13,500 BTU A/C and the new 17,000 BTU diesel-fired hydronic heating system.

This van can sleep up to 4 people, 2 adults in the 49” x 79” power lift bed and one or two kids in the bench seat/bed combo. The Revel’s interior is smartly designed, pleasing to the eye and so cozy that it makes you feel like home instead of claustrophobic. What I like most about the interior is that all the materials and finishes are extra durable and designed so that you can spend less time cleaning. The heavy duty vinyl flooring throughout is easy to maintain and built to last, while the ABS plastic wall coverings can hold up well under abuse, including splashes and stain. 

The star of the show for me is the kitchen and dinette, which features some ingenious space-saving and multi-functional solutions that frees up space for extra storage and also allows for outdoor cooking. The pull-up pedestal dinette table can be neatly put away to save space, and the swivel driver seats are designed to double duty as one half of the dinette seating. The kitchen features folded aluminum constructed cabinets, a convection cooktop that can be stored away in the top drawer to free up counter space or taken outside removable counter extension, and most notably a large compressor fridge at the rear that’s accessible from both inside and outside, and the new model now boasts an exterior table, so that you can prepare and enjoy your meals outside in good weather.

The extra space gained from the ingenious arrangement in the kitchen and dinette transforms into the 140-cubic-foot under-bed closet that’s easily accessible by lifting the power lift bed. You can use it for large gears, or you can also mount your toys on the metal roof rack. 

The already brilliant kitchen and dinette area received a major upgrade for the 2021 updated model. The fridge is now 20% larger, and the overhead cabinets are now made from lightweight and heavy duty folded aluminum, with considerably smaller latches to maximize storage space. Another thoughtful feature is that the 2021 model has moved the freshwater tank inside so it won’t freeze in winter. The 2021 Revel also adds new adjustable track mounts throughout for customizable storage solutions. 


  • GVWR: 9,050 lbs
  • GCWR: 13,930 lbs
  • Towing Capacity 5,000 lbs.
  • Dimensions: Overall Length 19’7″, Overall Width 7’1″, Interior Height 6’3″
  • Tank Capacities: Fresh 21 gals, Gray 21 gals 

4. Best Class B RV For Boondocking: Roadtrek Zion

At a glance:

  • MSRP: 2021 model starts at $139,860 
  • Number of floorplans: 1
  • Sleeps: 3
  • What’s special about it: Optional Explorer Package designed for extended off-grid stays, bright interior with large windows and open floor plan, two sleeping configurations for either extra storage or extra sleeping space.

Notable Features

  • Power: 330 watts solar system
  • Interior: Under-sofa storage and ample storage throughout, flexible sleeping configurations: rear power sofas can be used as twin beds or easily transform to a king size bed (front bed optional)
  • Kitchen: stainless-steel sink, two-burner stove, 3.1-cubic-foot refrigerator, a large pot/pan drawer and pull-out pantry 
  • Bathroom:  marine toilet, sink and shower
  • Exterior: 11,000 BTU rooftop AC, outdoor shower, retractable power awning

If you are a boondocker and wish to spend under $150,000 on a quality home on wheels, the Roadtrek Zion will be the best Class B RV for dry camping. Although not as well known as some other American manufacturers, Roadtrek is a Canadian household name that focuses on Class B minivans for the adventurous souls, and the Zion in particular has gained a lot of attention. The Zion is surely not for everyone, particularly those with kids, as it does not have an infotainment system for the lounge. That said, it is a solid and functional campervan, and for its price, it’s particularly a good deal for the outdoorsy boondockers who like to set up camp in remote, unspoiled locations far away from the crowds and would spend most of their waking time exploring outside. 

In consideration for the off-grid travelers, the Zion comes standard with adequately sized water tanks and also offers the Explorer Package. This package adds a 300 watts solar system, an EcoTrek 400 lithium power module system, underhood generator and Voltstart charging management system, so that you can enjoy creatures of comfort while staying in the wild. In an attempt to reduce A/C usage, the package also adds side and rear screens to keep the doors open for air circulation while keeping the bugs out. 

As for the interior, when it was introduced, the Zion immediately made an impact with its open concept floor plan that makes the living space feel open, spacious, and bright. The luxurious looking crisp pearl white and charcoal interior finish creates a relaxing and welcoming feel that is hard to come by at this price point. The open plan and thoughtful layout truly creates a livable interior space with lots of storage, well-appointed features and a cozy, homely feel that makes you want to live in it full time. 

Another attention-worthy feature is the sleeping configurations. This Class B RV comfortably sleeps up to 3 adults. You have two options for the rear sleeper sofas, either a single king or two twin beds that convert into a king, each with slightly different arrangement in the interior. The  floor plan with the single king-size convertible sofa option offers another rear-facing sofa that can sleep a child. Meanwhile, if you want extra storage space, the two twin beds option allows for a good amount of under-bench drawer storage and an open aisle with tie-downs for storing large camping gears and toys. If you want both extra storage and a sleeping quarter for the third adult, opt for the twin bed option but add the optional 33″ x 70″ front single bed across the driver & passenger seats. 

The back of the rig offers a cozy common living space to lounge around, take a short nap or dine, with the spacious rear sofa and a full entertainment center. The Zion’s kitchen galley is fully equipped and even comes with a large pot/pan drawer. The fully enclosed wet bath features a shower, marine toilet and vanity sink.  

The iconic RAM ProMaster 3500 chassis provides excellent handling and ride quality. Long distance open-road driving will feel as comfortable as ever, thanks to an array of driver assist features, including traction control, cross wind assist, sway assist, trailer-sway control, hill-start assist, electronic stability control, drift compensation, and rollover mitigation. 


  • GVWR: 9,350 lbs
  • GCWR: 11,500 lbs
  • Towing Capacity: 3,500 lbs
  • CCC: 1,660 lbs
  • Dimensions: Overall Length 20’ 9”, Overall Width 6’ 11”, Interior Height 9′ 5″
  • Tank Capacities: Fresh 37 gals, Gray 14 gals, Black 8.5 gals 

5. Best Luxury Class B RV For Boondocking: Tiffin Cahaba

At a glance:

  • MSRP: starts at $205,268
  • Number of floorplans: 1
  • Sleeps: 2
  • What’s special about it: more than adequate power system, 4-wheel-drive available, unmatched driver’s compartment features and driver assist technology

Notable Features:

  • Power: 300 Watt solar system, 3,200-watt inverter, 6,900-watt secondary Volta alternator, 12,100 watt hours Volta batteries
  • Heating and cooling: electric and diesel-powered hydronic heating system
  • Lounge/Sleeping arrangement: two benches convertible to two twin beds or a single bed (optional tri-fold sofa bed), under-bed storage, cargo tie-down anchors for large gears
  • Kitchen: portable single-burner induction cooktop, 2.3-cubic foot stainless steel refrigerator, stainless steel microwave, solid-surface countertop
  • Bathroom: wet bath, removable shelf
  • Exterior: side and rear awnings, side and rear screen doors

Here’s a brand new Class B motorhome just rolled out in 2022, the Tiffin Cahaba. If you need to rely on buyers’ reviews before making your decision, you’ll need to wait a while. But this van deserves a spot in this list in any case, as it has something that no other van out there can match. 

The Cahaba can sleep two in the two benches at the back, which can convert into two twin beds or a single large bed, or you can get a tri-fold sofa bed on option. This might be less sleeping space than what you might be hoping for at such a price, but the major selling point of the Cahaba is the luxury appointments and particularly its unparalleled battery house and overall power system.

Tiffin claims to have the largest advanced Volta battery system in the industry that is capable of 12,100 watt hours of usable power, the equivalent to 1,000 amp hours of batteries or 10 average lithium ion batteries. The Cahaba has no generator aboard, but there’s a 6,900-watt secondary Volta alternator on the main engine in addition to a 300 Watt solar system. I don’t think I’ve ever come across another van that can run the air conditioner for 12 hours straight.

For this reason, the Tiffin Cahaba is perhaps the best Class B RV for extended dry camping trips in the luxury category. If you want to save money, go for the Roadtrek Zion. If you are willing to pay extra for high quality materials and finishes and an overall high-end feel, go for the Tiffin Cahaba.

The interior is generally what you can expect from a luxury Class B motorhome of this price tag from Tiffin. Tiffin has provided a door to gain access to the plumbing behind the shower, which is a convenient little touch. There are multiple options for you to flexibly set up your mobile workstation, including a nifty desk-type surface behind the front driver’s seat, plus a single Lagun table with mounts between the benches at the back and also on the outside of the kitchen pedestal. What I don’t like about this van are the plastic toilet, and little to none pantry space in the kitchen. 


  • GVWR: 9.050 lbs
  • Dimensions: Overall Length 19’5”, Overall Width 8’, Interior Height 6’3”
  • Tank Capacities: Fresh gals, Gray gals, Black gals

6. Best Class B RV For Four-Season Camping: Winnebago Travato

At a glance:

  • MSRP: starts at $130,056.
  • Number of floorplans: 4
  • Sleeps: 2
  • What’s special about it: insulation for extreme weather conditions

Notable Features:

  • Construction: Roof and sidewall insulation, honeycomb composite insulated flooring, heated tanks, above-floor waterlines, dual-pane acrylic insulated windows (optional)
  • Power: Pure Advanced Energy System capable of up to 9,600 watt-hours of power (12,800 watt-hours optional)
  • 15,000 BTU A/C, 14,300 BTU heater
  • Lounge: Multimedia touchscreen infotainment center, 24″ HDTV, Bluetooth soundbar, below floor storage and drop down storage baskets, tinted windows, powered ventilator fan with rain cover
  • Bedroom: 1 small double bed or 2 twin beds, high density hygienic foam mattress, underbed storage
  • Kitchen: counter extension, fridge, 2-burner cooktop, pantry, removable/adjustable dinette table
  • Bathroom: wet bath, toilet
  • Exterior: 13” awning, roof and bike rack storage 

Here’s another best selling Class B minivans from Winnie, the Travato. While this fully equipped and reasonably affordable van will make a sensible investment for any camper, it’s particularly one of the best Class B RV out there for four-season camping, thanks to its unmatched insulation and overall construction quality. Another key selling point that made the Travato an ideal full-time home on wheels is that it’s highly energy efficient, which is important if you camp in extreme temperatures, as well as fuel efficient and resource efficient.

The only flaw is that the Travato is designed to sleep only two adults, despite being of adequate size (21 feet in length). Furthermore, the sleeping arrangement does not leave room for options to upgrade to a king or queen bed; you only get either 1 small double bed or 2 twin beds, which might feel a bit tight for a couple of above average size. Apart from this, this Class B RV is available with four different floor plans, and there are various options and upgrade packages for customization.

This Class B van will wow you in many ways, but first and foremost, the construction quality and workmanship is unmatched. Built on the iconic and durable Promaster chassis, the Travato is made with all-season camping in mind, boasting solid roof and sidewall insulation, honeycomb composite insulated flooring, dual-pane acrylic insulated windows, and even heated tanks plus above-floor waterlines. All these together with the 15,000 BTU A/C and the 14,300 BTU heater, this van will keep you toasty in the coldest winters and comfortable in the hottest months.

Another area where the Travato is unmatched in its class is resource and fuel efficiency. The Pure Advanced Energy System uses safe, dependable automotive-grade technology to provide up to 9,600 watt-hours of power, or you can upgrade to the optional 4-module energy pack  for 12,800 watt-hours, which is adequate for extended off-grid stays. In addition, the advanced Eco-Hot water system cuts down waiting time for hot water to conserve water, as you won’t have to turn on the faucet and wait a full minute for hot water to rush out.  The Travato is equipped with efficient fixtures, appliances and systems throughout to make the most of limited resources, so that you can go dry camping for longer, even when Mother Nature is not exactly forgiving.

Amenities include high density hygienic foam mattress on an European suspension system and large underbed storage in the bedroom, dinette seating and a new swing-arm-mounted table that swivels 360 degrees plus an infotainment center in the common living area, and a toilet and wet bath. After whipping up fresh meals in the fully equipped galley, you can choose to dine outside under the 13” power awning. As for storage, there are wall mounts to keep electronics right where you want them, overhead storage and a roof rack for large toys like bikes or kayaks.


  • GVWR: 9,350 lbs
  • GCWR: 11,500 lbs
  • Dimensions: Overall Length 21′, Overall Width 6′ 9″, Interior Height 6′ 3″
  • Tank Capacities: Fresh 18 gals, Gray 14 gals, Black 11 gals

7. Best Pop Top Class B RV For Off-Grid Stays: Winnebago Solis

At a glance:

  • MSRP: starts at $102,533
  • Number of floorplans: 3
  • Sleeps: 4
  • What’s special about it: pop top sleeping space, solar system with or without pop top, optional sofa bed with seat belts for sleeping young children while driving

Notable Features:

  • Insulation: ceiling-to-floor insulation, above floor waterlines, heated tanks
  • Power: 220-watt flexible surface solar panel with controller (with pop-top option), 170-watt solar panel with controller (without pop-top)
  • 13,500 BTU A/C, Truma Combi® Eco Heating System
  • Interior: tinted windows, heavy duty vinyl flooring throughout, below floor storage, 
  • Bedroom: Murphy+ bed (sofa bed available), below floor storage, pop top sleeping area (option to remove now available)
  • Kitchen: Laminate countertop, pull-out countertop extension, 2-burner range top with glass cover, 3.0 cu. ft. fridge
  • Bathroom: 2.6 gals water heater, removable clothes rod, swiveling cassette toilet, shower with wall surround

If you love the four-season ready capability of the Travato but want to spend less, then its cousin the Solis is worth checking out. The Solis offers excellent insulation and weather-proof features and an off-grid power system that mirrors big brother Travato, plus another unique selling point. You can now sleep closer to the stars in the pop-top sleeping space constructed from durable fiberglass; this sleeping quarter has three windows and can sleep two adults (the option to remove the pop-top is now available). 

In addition to the pop-top, you have a queen-size Murphy bed that drops down at the rear for another two adults. If you are a couple traveling with one or two kids, you can sleep in the pop-top, and swap the queen bed for a sofa bed that includes two additional three-point seat belts. This means that you can safely drive while your kids are sleeping in the optional sofa bed, a thoughtful solution for family camping that further adds to the unique appeal of the Solis. Another rare feature is that you will have above-the-floor access to all critical components, while other models in its’ class typically require you to climb under the unit to access plumbing or LP equipment.

This affordable van is off-grid ready, whether or not you opt for the pop-top option. If you choose to go without the poop-top, you will get a 170-watt system, while with the pop-top, you will get a one panel, 220-watt system fitted to the top of the pop-top roof.

As for amenities, the Solis is a scaled down version of big brother Travato, but still perfectly livable. Creatures of comfort include the dedicated front lounge/dinette featuring an adjustable/removable table and seats that convert into a sofa, daybed or loveseat, except the table is on the tiny side and can only comfortably seat 2 people.  Its bathroom is quite compact as well, with only a toilet and shower, no vanity sink, but is set up to also function as a closet with storage shelves. The longest floorplan 59PX allows for a 18″ x 72″ full height extremely handy garage storage space in the very back of the unit. 

The removable and swivel cab seats, plenty of storage options and the strategically placed USB ports, outlets, and LED Lights give you options to customize your workstation. The Solis comes with a magnetic break-away entryway screen, so that you can enjoy fresh air inside without falling victim to insects or feeling stuffy/claustrophobic. Or you can work outside in good weather with the outdoor desk that easily folds down.

If you’re not used to handling a large vehicle, rest assured as the Winnebago Solis has excellent drivability, thanks to the solid Ram ProMater platform and the 136-inch wheelbase that allows for optimal control and maneuverability, plus driver assist technologies such as backup camera, digital rearview mirror, cruise control and blind spot assist.  


  • GVWR: 9,350 lbs
  • GCWR: 12,000 lbs
  • Dimensions: Exterior Length 21’, Interior Width 6’2”, Interior Height 6’3”
  • Tank Capacity: Fresh 20 gals, Gray 20 gals

8. Largest Luxury Class B RV With Slide-Out: Airstream Atlas

At a glance:

  • MSRP: starts at $260,260
  • Number of floorplans: 1
  • Sleeps: 2
  • What’s special about it: power slide-out, thoughtful design throughout to make the interior even more roomy, residential style three piece bathroom, diesel generator with dedicated compartment

Notable Features:

  • Power: two 100 Ah deep cycle lithium batteries, 400 Watt solar system, Onan 3.2kw diesel generator
  • Heating and cooling: 15,000 BTU A/C, 16,000 BTU furnace, 60,000 BTU on demand water heater
  • Lounge: leather sofa, 40” hideaway Samsung LED Smart TV with a built-in sound bar
  • Sleeping arrangement: 73” X 73” Murphy bed, over-bed sunroof with screen opening
  • Kitchen: Corian® solid surface countertop, 2-burner cooktop, convection microwave 
  • Bathroom: glass wall shower, closet, Kohler fixtures, LED accent lighting
  • Exterior: fob-locking exterior storage, awning, omni-directional Internet-ready high performance antenna

Like the Airstream Interstate, the Atlas is also built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis and includes more than 50 best-in-class features as standard, not upgrades, and boasts quality material, craftsmanship and aesthetics throughout. What sets this van apart though, and what lifts it up to be affectionately known as a Class B+ motorhome, is the power slide-out that offers an unmatched interior living space. 

If you like the easy handling and travel freedom that a minivan has to offer but still not quite sold on traveling full-time in such a tight space, the unparalleled Atlas will be the absolute best Class B RV for you. Although this van costs north of a quarter of a million dollars, it’s quite rare to get the best of both worlds when it comes to year round RV camping. Even without the slide-out, the Atlas is still one of the most spacious vans out there, measuring 24’9” in length, 8’3” in width and 7’5” interior height, which is more than ample headroom.

When the slide-out is expanded, you get a luxurious Murphy bedroom suite, and a proper bed makes all the difference when you’re constantly on the open road. The bed can sleep two adults, but in case you have a guest over, you can choose an aftermarket option to transform the cockpit of your touring coach into an extra bed whenever needed. 

Another difference between the Atlas and the other iconic offerings from Airstream is that instead of the signature aluminum shell, it uses a fiberglass shell. This means there are no seams to fail over time, and such a shell will also allow for better weather protection. Another quality improvement over earlier models of Airstream Class B motorhomes is that the Atlas swaps the traditional rear leaf springs on the Sprinter cutaway chassis for air springs, which enhance both handling and ride quality. The powerful Mercedes-Benz® 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine also makes for impressive fuel economy.

As for the interior, you know what to expect from a luxury van from Airstream, so I’ll skip all the details on the quality and aesthetically pleasing amenities and features. But one thing that must be mentioned is the three piece residential style bathroom that spans the entire rear of this spacious motorhome. Behind the sliding pocket door is a luxurious and stunning glass wall shower, a closet, vanity, and toilet, plus soft LED accent lighting. 

Another detail I love is the sun roof over the 73” X 73” Murphy bed, which when opened for air flow  is protected by a screen to keep the uninvited bugs out. If you want to take a nap when there’s light, just close the blackout shade. Many campers also fawn over the fob-locking exterior storage that frees up interior space and is super convenient for commonly used tools and equipment.

This amazing motorhome also nails it when it comes to power. It’s made for extended boondocking trips, with two 100 Ah deep cycle lithium batteries, a powerful 400 Watt solar system and even a generator. With its own compartment along the wheel-base of the Atlas, the remote-start Onan 3.2kw diesel generator provides quiet and efficient power when you’re not plugged into electricity. The Atlas is four season ready, with a powerful 15,000 BTU A/C, a 16,000 BTU furnace, and an impressive 60,000 BTU on demand water heater.

There are two things I think could be way better in this otherwise luxury van though: one is the toilet and the other is the two-burner cooktop. They are not cheap, but I’ve seen much more solid examples in much cheaper vans. 


  • GVWR: 10,045 lbs
  • GCWR: 11,030 lbs
  • Tow Capacity: 5,000 lbs
  • Dimensions: Overall Length 24’9”, Overall Width 8’3”, Interior Height 7’5”
  • Tank Capacities: Fresh 23 gals, Gray 31 gals, Black 27 gals

9. Best Class B RV For Extra Headroom: Coachmen Galleria

At a glance:

  • MSRP: starts at $175,000
  • Number of floorplans: 4
  • Sleeps: 3
  • What’s special about it: Spacious interior, extra headroom, many quality residential grade appointments throughout, solar system

Notable Features:

  • Clean-running and fuel efficient turbo-diesel engine
  • Power: 330W solar system
  • Construction: Upgraded insulation, durable stain-resistant PVC vinyl wall 
  • Lounge: 24” LED Smart TV, one-piece carpet, hardwood expanding table, WiFi Ranger, USB ports throughout
  • Bedroom: Fixed bed with power incline, ample under-bed storage 
  • Kitchen: Solid surface countertop, sink cover, plate drying rack, hardwood cabinetry, soft close drawer, removable dinette, 1-burner cooktop, fridge with freezer drawer
  • Bathroom: Oxygenics shower head
  • Exterior: 13’ awning

At 24 feet in length and a rare headroom of 9′ 6″, the Coachmen Galleria is one of the most spacious vans around with ample storage throughout and high quality, full sized residential grade amenities, which means full-time camping on the road will feel very much like home. The only flaw is that despite its price tag and its generous living space, all four floor plans only sleep two adults in a fixed bed with power incline. There’s no convertible sofa bed or upgrade option for another dedicated sleeping arrangement for one or two kids, so this van is only made for the lone travelers and couples. The only wiggle room is the expandable hardwood table, which you can choose to swap for a pull-out memory foam sofa that might sleep a child.

Residential grade features abound, for instance, the extra fancy addition in the bathroom – the oxygenic shower, which offers optimal rinsing while conserving water. You will enjoy cooking in the well-appointed kitchen with solid surface countertop, sink with integrated cover to maximize counter space for food prep, hardwood cabinetry, soft close drawer, and even a plate drying rack.

The multiple upgrades in the 2020 model of the Coachmen Galleria even take full-time camping closer to living at your own home. While the bathroom and most of the galley remains the same, you will get upgraded R-15 insulation for better weather protection, motion sensor lighting, a high rise kitchen faucet, a Wi-Fi ranger, plus an array of options so that you can customize away to create the most comfortable living space possible. 

The 330W solar system is adequate for keeping you powered during long dry camping trips, and the optional Polar Package will further equip you for four season camping from the hottest through to the coldest months. In addition to off-grid capability, another selling point that makes this a resource efficient home on wheels in the long run is the clean-running and fuel-efficient turbo-diesel engine that will save you a lot on gas over the years. 


  • GVWR: 11,030 lbs
  • GCWR: 15,250 lbs
  • CCC: 1,862 lbs
  • Dimensions: Overall Length 24′ 3″, Overall Width 83″, Interior Height 9′ 6″
  • Tank Capacities: Fresh 30 gals, Gray 22 gals, Black 19 gals

10. Most Spacious & Well Appointed Class B RV Under $150,000: Pleasure Way Plateau 

At a glance:

  • Price: starts at $139,000
  • Number of floorplans: 2 (TS and FL)
  • Sleeps: 3
  • What’s special about it: spacious interior, large kitchen, quality entertainment system


  • Construction: Fiberglass insulation inside walls, foil-faced fiberglass insulation along roof
  • Heating and cooling: 11,000 BTU roof mount Dometic air conditioner, 11,500 BTU furnace, Dometic Fan-Tastic vent fan with rain sensor
  • Interior: 24” Smart LED TV with swing out mount, HDTV antenna, plush Ultraleather seatings, Bose soundbar with Bluetooth, 360° swivel tabletop, power sofa, blackout roller shades
  • Sleeping arrangements: Inflatable air bed, full-size wardrobe with hanging rod, 
  • Kitchen: 3-way 6 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer, 1-burner induction stove, convection microwave oven, hardwood cabinet doors, soft close drawers, large undermount stainless steel sink with cover, faucet with pull-out sprayer
  • Bathroom:  on-demand water heater, wet bath, handheld showerhead, sink with cabinet
  • Exterior: exterior shower with handheld wand, power awning with LED lights 

Here’s another best selling Class B van by a prestigious Canadian RV manufacturer, Pleasure Way. The Plateau is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Van Chassis with a generous size and headroom, and is quite reasonably priced for the living space and amenities that it offers. For under $150,000, you will enjoy living full time in this van, which features an extra large kitchen with a residential fridge, plus more counter space and a larger sink than other models in its price point, a bathroom that’s also larger than other comparable vans, a near king-size convertible bed and a full-size wardrobe, and even an exterior shower, which you rarely get with the $150,000-and-under range.

The Plateau can sleep two adults in the power sleeper sofa which converts into an almost king sized bed, and another adult or a child in the inflatable air bed. Luxury features abound in the common living area, which boasts plush Ultraleather seatings, a 360° swivel table, a 24” Smart LED TV with swing out mount, Bose soundbar with Bluetooth, HDTV antenna, and blackout roller shades for daytime naps. Without the shades, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent scenery outside from the comfort of your home on wheels, thanks to the fully opening side door, the unobstructed passenger side windows and a roll up screen package.

The Plateau is also praised for its excellent construction quality and weather protection capability, which is another pleasant surprise for its price point. In addition, it comes with superb wall and roof insulation, high quality Dometic A/C unit, heater and vent fan, so you will be kept toasty in the winter and perfectly cool in the summer.  You also get all the most commonly used driver assist features for safer long distance driving, including Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Distance Assist, Active Brake Assist and Attention Assist.


  • GVWR: 11,030 lbs
  • GCWR: 15,250 lbs
  • CCC: 1,862 lbs
  • Dimensions: Overall Length 22′ 9″, Overall Width 7′ 1″, Interior Height 9′ 8″ 
  • Tank Capacities: Fresh 30 gals, Gray 22 gals, Black 19 gals 

Extra. Best Class B RV With Bright & Open Interior: Thor Tellaro

At a glance:

  • MSRP: starts at $133,840
  • Number of floorplans: 4
  • Sleeps: 2
  • What’s special about it: very bright and airy interior with skylight, large opening windows and screen door

Notable Features:

  • Power: 190 Watt solar panels with charge controller, 3,000 Watt Inverter
  • Heating and cooling: 14,300 BTU furnace, 14,500 BTU A/C
  • Interior: all-in-1 control center, entryway screen door, vinyl flooring throughout, large skylight and side windows, optional 24” TV on swivel with outdoor viewing capability, 4G hotspot, WiFi router, digital TV antenna
  • Sleeping arrangements: pull-out rear king bed or expandable sofa bed
  • Kitchen: solid surface countertop, pull-out cutting board, 2-burner cooktop with glass cover, sink with cover, fridge, microwave, flip-up countertop (optional: kitchen ceiling vent, removable dinette, removable table on swing arm, removable sofa table)
  • Bathroom: fully enclosed wet bath
  • Exterior: 16’ power awning with LED lighting, bike rack

For under $150,000, the popular Thor Tellaro is another solid offering that’s fully equipped, off-grid ready and conducive to four season living, with a 190 Watt solar system with charge controller, a 14,300 BTU furnace and 14,500 BTU A/C to keep you powered while dry camping and maintain a livable space in any weather conditions. What I like best about this van is its crisp white interior finish and natural linen upholstery and fabric, which together with the skylight in the lounge area, two large opening windows and the entryway screen door create a bright, airy and welcoming living space that feels so much bigger than its true dimensions.

For something under $150,000, there are nice touches and extras throughout, such as the heavy duty, pet friendly residential vinyl flooring, an all-in-1 control center, 4G hotspot, a 24” TV on swivel that can be viewed from the outside, and particularly the well appointed galley with solid surface countertop, pull-out cutting board, plus cooktop with glass cover and a sink also with cover to maximize counter space for food preparation. 

There are plenty of upgrades and options, including flexible configurations for an on-the-go workstation: you can take advantage of the removable dinette, or opt for a removable table on swing arm or a removable sofa table in the lounge/dining area, or set up your laptop on the flip-up countertop and swivel your captain’s chair around. The 4G hotspot, WiFi router and digital TV antenna will keep you updated and connected, so you can work remotely while living the time of your life.


  • GVWR: 9,350 lbs
  • GCWR: 11,500 lbs
  • Dimensions: Overall Length 21’1”, Width 6’9”, Interior Height 9’5”
  • Tank Capacities: Fresh 27 gals, Gray 13 gals, Black 13 gals
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson is a seasoned RV traveler and professional mountain biker with a great sense of humor. After earning a Master's degree in Automotive Engineering from Columbia University, Scott spent years working as an RV technician at Camping World and Outdoorsy. Today, he enjoys exploring the US in his fifth wheel and truck with his wife. With over 15 years of RV living and road tripping experience, Scott now shares his knowledge and expertise as a travel blogger, helping others make the most of their RV adventures.

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