Best Price Mattress Review – The Best RV Mattress for Heavy People

As an avid RV traveler, finding the right camper mattress is so important. For years, I struggled with standard RV mattresses that just didn’t provide the support I needed. No matter what mattress I tried, I always ended up with a sore back and restless nights. That’s why I was excited to try the Green Tea Memory Foam mattress from the Best Price Mattress.

From the first night of using this mattress, I noticed a big difference in comfort and support. Being a big guy, I needed something that could properly support my weight without bottoming out. 

I’ll share my honest take on what makes this one the best RV mattress for heavy people.

Specs of Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress

best price mattress memory foam mattress
  • Thickness: 10 Inch
  • Product Dimensions: 43″L x 17″W x 10″Th
  • Top Style: Tight Top
  • Cover Material: Jacquard
  • Number of Layers: 3
  • Fill Material : Memory Foam
  • Special Feature: Pressure Relief
  • Color: White

Product Overview

The Best Price Mattress Green Tea Memory Foam mattress is perfect if you want a high-quality bedding to provide the best support for your overweight frame. The materials it’s made of make it feel soft but don’t let you sink in too much. 

The memory foam material means no dipping or sagging, even with heavy use. It molds to your body nicely, so pressure points aren’t a problem. After a long day, it feels good to just relax into the mattress and feel all my aches melt away. As someone over 230 pounds, I was worried about regular RV mattresses but this one holds up perfectly even after a couple years.

The mattress arrived compressed in a box, which was really easy to unpack and inflate in my RV. Assembly took just about 15 minutes. 

Best Price Mattress: Mattress Construction

The construction of this mattress really impressed me. It uses high-density support foam on the bottom to bear the heaviest of bodies without collapsing. On top of that is a layer of pressure relief foam that contours closely without causing pressure points. 

My favorite part is the infused green tea memory foam top layer, which helps me to relax as I sink into a peaceful sleep. Together, these foam layers create the perfect balance of cradling softness and durable structure.

What’s more, everything is certified for safety and durability. The foams are CertiPUR-US certified and the mattress cover is made of comfortable Poly Jacquard fabric. Cotton-based fire retardant is used to make it more resistant to heat.

Best Price Mattress Performance

I found the mattress offering a balance between support and comfort, especially to a heavy person with occasional back pain, like me. 

Here’s a breakdown of its performance in key areas based on my experience:


Right out of the box, this mattress has a nice, firm feel without being too hard. I needed a bed that could handle my weight without sagging and this one fitted the bill perfectly. 

While the memory foam top layer sinks in just enough, there’s solid support underneath. Over time, it seems to firm up a bit more as it molds to my body shape. I get the body-contouring feel without that sunken-in sensation others complain of with memory foam.

Motion Transfer

Isolating motion is important in a mattress when you share the bed with another person. This one does an excellent job, thanks to the multiple layers of foam. 

I’ve barely felt my partner shift positions at night. Rolling around hardly disturbs the other person at all. When getting in and out, there’s no annoying bounce either that could wake up a light sleeper. The foam just gently returns to its original state.


One thing I’ve noticed about this memory foam mattress is just how responsive it is to my body’s movements throughout the night. While memory foam is known for its contouring properties, some beds can feel rather stiff at times. Not this one.

As a side sleeper, I appreciate how easily it adapts as I shift positions during sleep. If I roll over from my left to right side, for example, I can immediately feel the foam adjusting to support my new orientation. There’s no lag time, it molds seamlessly to the curves of my hip and shoulder in a matter of seconds.

The same goes for smaller motions, like adjusting my arm or leg resting place. A less responsive mattress might retain an impression of my original stance, but this one instantly conforms to subtle changes. For restless sleepers, a bed this responsive really helps promote quality rest.

Temperature Control

As someone who overheats easily at night, the temperature regulation of this mattress impressed me. That green tea material works hard to pull heat away and circulate air flow within the foam layers. 

On balmy summer nights, I’ve stayed cooler sleeping on this than my previous innerspring RV bed. But you’ll need an air-conditioned room on some extremely humid days. Of course, it won’t be as cool as hybrid mattresses, but it overall seems breathable enough for all climates.


As an RVer, I need products that hold up to storage, transport, and regular use away from home. And after putting it through two busy camping seasons so far, this mattress still looks and feels like new.

There are no indentations or soft spots developing either, unlike my old camping air mattresses that ballooned within months! For the value price, I expected something less robust, but it’s proven to be long-lasting already.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive mattress perfect for an RV, I fully recommend giving the Green Tea memory foam mattress of Best Price Mattress a try. 

best price mattress green tea memory foam mattress

Why Is This the Best RV Mattress for Heavy People?

The best RV mattress for overweight people should be the one that is durable, supportive, and able to withstand movement. After putting the Best Price Mattress Green Tea Memory Foam mattress to the test, I believe it’s the best option for heavy people living in an RV.

This mattress really shines in support and durability. The high-density support foam base does an amazing job at supporting my weight without sagging. The medium firmness is also a nice balance, not too hard but enough to hold heavier bodies. The thicker 10-inch profile also adds to the supportive feel.

In fact, the support of this mattress has contributed to alleviating my lower back problems. The memory foam perfectly contours to my spine whether I’m on my back or side. All of the pressure points that used to cause pain are relieved. 

The Best Price Mattress Green Tea Memory Foam RV mattress has stood the test of time for me. The strong durable materials and supportive feel make it the perfect choice for heavy RVers. 


After two years of camping adventures, this mattress is still a champ. It’s comfy, keeps me cool, and most importantly, holds up my weight without complaining. 

If you’re a bigger person stuck with uncomfortable RV mattresses, this Best Price Mattress Green Tea Memory Foam one might be your happy sleeping solution on the road.

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