Best RV Covers For Four-Season Camping

Many campers find themselves on the fence about whether or not to use one when it comes to RV covers. After all, there are specific pros and cons of RV covers, whether you want to use it for short-term or long-term storage.

Are RV covers worth it? Let’s discuss their benefits and potential drawbacks, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not one is suitable for your RV.

What Is an RV Cover?

Before exploring the pros and cons of RV covers, let’s find out what they actually are and their standard functions.

An RV cover is necessary because it protects from the sun, wind, and rain. It’s also great for keeping your trailer clean and free of dirt and debris. It’s a high-quality tarp that covers the entire rig, from the top to the ground.

Different types of RV covers are available on the market, so choosing one that’s right for your trailer is essential.

When choosing a cover, consider the climate you’ll be camping in. If you’re expecting hot weather, you’ll want a cover made of a lighter material, so it doesn’t get too hot inside the trailer. On the other hand, if you’re expecting cold weather, you’ll want a thicker, heavier cover.

Also, consider the size of your RV when choosing a cover. You don’t want a cover that’s too big or too small. It won’t fit properly if it’s too big and could blow away in the wind. If it’s too small, it won’t provide enough coverage.

You need to choose between an RV roof cover vs full cover. A full cover is suitable for storing the RV, but a roof cover is an option when you are camping and need something for sun or rain protection.

The Pros and Cons of RV Covers

You may need to put your trailer under a cover for many reasons. It comes in handy when you want to store it for a while without paying for garage rent. Do RV covers work? Let’s find out by exploring its advantages and downsides:

The Pros of an RV Cover

The good features should come first, right? Using an RV cover can give your rig multiple protective features.

rv roof cover

Protection from Scorching Sun

A cover can provide UV protection since the sun can damage the RV exterior, causing it to fade and crack over time. By protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays, the cover will keep the RV looking new for years to come.

Bad Weather Protection

Another great benefit of an RV cover is that it protects from the weather. A cover will protect your trailer from the elements, including rain, snow, or wind. It’s essential if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions.

If the cover is high-quality, it will keep the moisture from building up and leaking inside. Also, it would be enough to keep your trailer safe in pretty rough conditions, like strong winds and hailstorms.

Keeps the Trailer Clean

Dirt and debris accumulate on a sitting RV unbelievably fast. Even if you keep it in the open idle for a few days, it will get dirty in no time.

A cover will keep the dust and dirt off your RV, making it easier to clean and maintain. Also, you will spend less on washing and waxing the exterior after long-term or short-term storage.

Increases the RV’s Resale Value

Resale value is a strong point when you weigh the pros and cons of RV covers. A well-maintained RV will always be worth more than one that has not been taken care of. The cover will help keep your RV in good condition, making it worth more when you sell it.

Cheaper than a Storage Facility

An indoor storage facility will cost from $120 to over $250 a month. That’s far more expensive than a cover that costs anywhere between less than $100 and over $350.

If you purchase a good cover, you can use it for years whenever you want. It will save you more money than keeping the trailer in a rented facility.

Deters Thieves

An RV cover can also protect from vandalism. If your RV is parked in a public place, it’s more likely to be vandalized. The cover will deter vandals because they always look for easy targets.

The Cons of an RV Cover

RV covers can be a great way to protect your investment from the elements. But, like anything, there are some downsides that you should be aware of before you purchase one. Here are the cons of using an RV cover:

should i cover my rv in the winter

Too Much Work

Covering and uncovering large RVs can be difficult. Finding a cover that fits well can be challenging, and then you have to wrestle with it to get it on and off.

If you use your RV regularly, you’ll constantly put the cover on and take it off, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Adds to the Maintenance Task

It depends on how you look into the matter. In addition to cleaning and caring for your camper, you’ll have to ensure the cover is in good condition. It means checking for holes, tears, and weather damage.

However, a cover also protects the RV from getting dirty, removing some tasks from your upkeep list.

Short Service Life

You need to think about the durability when considering the pros and cons of RV covers. The cover may wear out quickly if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions. Quick wear means frequent repair and replacement, which can be costly.

Some expensive covers also tear or get damaged within a year. So, do your homework before making a buying decision. Always buy from a renowned brand that offers a couple of years of warranty.

Can Cause Problems in Winter

Should I cover my RV in the winter? You can only if the winter is mild in your area. If it snows intensely, it’ll be better to store the trailer in a garage.

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, your cover may become frozen to the trailer. It can make it difficult or impossible to remove, which could be a serious problem if you need to get to your RV in an emergency.

You will have to shovel the snow off of your RV cover. Otherwise, you wonโ€™t be able to remove it.

Unsuitable for Windy Conditions

Do RV covers cause damage? Many people ask this question because there are horror stories about covers doing more damage than good.

Covers can cause damage in windy conditions. If your cover is not securely fastened, high winds can make it flap against the trailer. Continuous rubbing can damage the RV exterior and the cover itself.

Think about these pros and cons of RV covers before buying one. It could be a budget-friendly option if you can tackle the downsides.

Our Picks: Top 6 Best RV Covers

We’ve thoroughly researched to find out the best RV covers available on the market. Here’s our take on the top 6 products:ย 

Best Travel Trailer Cover: Leader Accessories Travel Trailer Cover

At a glance

  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Non-woven
  • Water Resistance Level: Water Resistant
  • Fits: 27′-30′
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 366 x 102 x 104 inches
  • Vehicle Service Type: Trailer

Why we love it

After researching the top rated RV covers, we decided to try the travel trailer cover from Leader Accessories. And it has proven to be one of the best RV covers for our needs. While “best” is subjective, we’ve been really impressed with several aspects that make this an excellent value. 

For one, the materials are high quality. A thick, multi-layer fabric that feels durable enough to withstand seasonal weather. A cover takes a beating from wind, rain, and sun which can quickly wear down cheaper fabrics. The reinforced straps and downtown help it stay snug during storms too.

Little features like magnetic clasps, reflective trim and breathable fabric show the thought that went into the design. Ventilation is important so condensation doesn’t build up under the cover.

Installation was mostly intuitive but doing it for the first time can take time. Unpacking the compressed bundle does take some patience at first to unfold properly. And instructions could be more detailed. That said, once configured itโ€™s simple to use thanks to zippered access points and tension straps. The bundled layout is also compact for storage between camping seasons.

While no cover is completely wind proof, this one stands up well to punishing storms, with only minor wear near heavy-use areas as expected. For the value and features, it gives good shelter from natural elements, one of the main criteria in our RV cover reviews.ย 


  • Durable, multi-layer fabric withstands weather well
  • Reinforced straps and tension points hold secure in wind
  • Breathable material prevents condensation buildup
  • Zippered panels provide access without full removal
  • Reflective trim and magnetic closures for safety


  • Installation instructions could be more detail
  • Initial setup requires patience to fully unfold cover
  • Very strong winds could potentially damage over long periods

Best Travel Trailer Cover for Winter: Classic Accessories PermaPRO

At a glance

  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Fabric
  • Water Resistance Level: Water Resistant
  • Fits: Size: 27′-30’L x 118″H
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH: 462 x 102 x 104 inches
  • Vehicle Service Type: Recreational Vehicle

Why we love it

We researched plenty of travel trailer covers for winter and finally settled for the Classic Accessories PermaPRO cover. From our research, we found it to be the best RV cover for winter.

Where some covers quickly deteriorate in the sun, this one has proven remarkably durable even after several harsh winters. The ripstop PermaPRO fabric provides outstanding protection from the elements. It breathes well too, avoiding moisture buildup underneath during heavy snowfalls and freezing temps.

Its custom fit contours closely without billowing in strong winds. The reinforced tension panels and elasticized hem stay put in bad weather too. It does not show much signs of wear and tear even after multiple seasons, a real testament to the cover’s quality.

While not lightweight, its double-layered materials insulate well and help prevent ice and snow accumulation on our trailer’s roof and sides. Access points make checking on things easy without fully removing the cover too.

Installing it takes a bit of effort, so having an extra set of hands is important. But once on, we feel our RV is secure in any winter weather. It’s certainly lived up to being the best RV cover for snow that we’ve found.

The seams may not hold up quite as long in high-UV areas. But for protection against harsh winter conditions, this cover delivers.


  • Durable ripstop PermaPRO fabric
  • Provides excellent insulation
  • Custom fit helps prevent ice and snow buildup
  • Maintain a snug fit in strong winds


  • Heavy-duty material makes it difficult to handle
  • Installation requires more effort than some simpler covers
  • Seams mentioned to break down sooner in high-UV areas

Best Fifth Wheel Cover: Camco ULTRAGuard

At a glance

  • Color: Dark Gray with Light Gray Top
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Ultraviolet Light Protection: UV Protection
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 25 x 37 x 12 inches
  • Vehicle Service Type: Trailer

Why we love it

We have been looking for a cover for fifth wheel camper and purchased the Camco ULTRAGuard cover recently. It’s undoubtedly one of the best RV covers for this vehicle category.ย 

This extra-durable cover is made with three layers of spunbond polypropylene fabric to shield our RV from rain, snow, and UV damage. The near custom fit means it doesn’t flap around in high winds like our old cover used to.

The zipper entry doors make it easy to access our camper for storage, and covered air vents help prevent moisture from getting trapped underneath. We especially like the front and rear cinching straps that reduce loose fabric for a tight, secure fit. For all the products we’ve used so far, it’s one of the best rated RV covers for a fifth wheel.

Now we’ll admit, figuring out which end was front at first was a bit of a challenge. But once we laid it out on the grass instead of the RV roof like the product video shows, the tags made it clear as day. Some extra labeling on the folded cover would’ve been helpful too. 


  • Durable three-layer polypropylene fabric protects against weather
  • Near custom fit with cinching straps and underside strap system
  • Zippered doors provide easy access for storage
  • Covered air vents prevent moisture 


  • Front and back not clearly labeled when folded
  • Installation can be tricky
  • More labeling could help with orientation

Best Class A Motorhome Cover: Designer Series Olefin HD

At a glance

  • Color: Gray/White
  • Material: Olefin HD, Polypropylene
  • Water Resistance Level: Water Resistant
  • Fits: 34’1″-37′
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 23.75 x 23.5 x 18 inches
  • Vehicle Service Type: Recreational Vehicle

Why we love it

We’ve found the Designer Series Olefin HD as one of the best RV covers for Class A motorhomes.ย 

The slip-seam strapping system with reinforcements throughout truly cinches this cover down securely, preventing wind damage. In our testing over the past few months, it has withstood breezes nicely. 

We especially like the olefin and Tyvek materials that reflect sunlight and help keep the interior cooler in the summer heat. It’ll easily be in our list of the best RV covers for sun.ย 

The buckle toss installation is simple, and the ladder cap protects the ladder area from abrasions. And there are four gutter spout covers that protect roof vents from debris. At three years, the warranty provides peace of mind. 

The straps may tear in strong winds, but it will hold up against occasional 30-40 mph gusts. We’ve found it best for moderate breeze areas rather than “all climate.”


  • Secure slip-seam strapping system keeps the cover snugly fitted
  • Reflective olefin and Tyvek materials
  • Easy buckle installation means quick setup
  • Ladder cap and included gutter covers are nice extra features
  • Durable, water-resistant materials stand up to normal use
  • 3-year warranty 


  • Some reports of straps tearing in very strong winds
  • Price may be high for some buyers

Best Class B RV Cover: CarsCover Class B RV High Top Conversion

At a glance

  • Color: Gray
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Vehicle Service Type: Van, Recreational Vehicle

Why we love it

We’ve found the CarsCover Class B RV High Top Conversion to truly be one of the best RV camper covers on the market. 

The cover can be handy for protecting vehicles from outside elements. It fits Class B up to 24 feet long. Its waterproof material does an excellent job keeping out rain and snow. It could easily be one of the best camper covers among the available products.ย 

Setting it up takes just a few minutes with two people. The rear cinching system removes any slack and reduces wear over time. We also love the convenient side zippers that allow quick access to our doors without removing the whole cover. 

While the cover is made to hold up well through multiple seasons, it may not endure harsh sunny weather. 

The overall fit and features make this product one of the best RV covers for keeping our van looking its best between adventures. The storage bag also helps us pack it away neatly for the off-season.


  • Custom fit for Class B RVs up to 24 feet
  • Heavy-duty waterproof material
  • Convenient side zippers for quick door access
  • Rear cinching system reduces slack and wear over time
  • Storage bag makes it easy to pack away off-season


  • May not last long in hot, sunny climates
  • Requires two people to install securely

Best Class C RV Cover: Classic Accessories PolyPRO 3 Deluxe

At a glance

  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Fabric
  • Water Resistance Level: Water Resistant
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 399.75 x 105 x 108 inches
  • Vehicle Service Type: Recreational Vehicle

Why we love it

After dealing with cheaper RV covers in the past, we were excited to try the Classic Accessories PolyPRO 3 Deluxe cover. This cover has quickly proven to be one of the best RV covers for Class C rigs. 

The triple-ply material is extremely durable while still allowing sunlight to pass through to the RV’s solar panels. The adjustable tension panels and corners create a custom fit without any loose bagginess that can flap in the wind. Zippered access ports make it easy to get in and out of the RV as needed.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the integrated straps and toss bag system. Within minutes we had the cover securely on our rig. There’s no risk of it blowing away in strong winds like with cheaper covers. 

While the instructions took a few reads to understand, the cover has held up flawlessly through various weather conditions over the last 6 months. It’s clear this cover was designed with RV owners in mind. 


  • Durable triple-ply material stands up to weather well
  • Custom fit with adjustable panels and corners
  • Allows sunlight to pass through for solar panel charging
  • Zippered access ports for doors and engine areas
  • 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship


  • Installation instructions could be more straightforward
  • Bulkier to transport and store than thinner covers
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