6 Best Short Bed Truck Campers For Your Next Adventure

As the world looks beyond the pandemic, people are beginning to prepare for the outdoor adventures that have been put on hold for around two years. One way to make the most of the outdoors is with a short bed truck camper. Which models will be the best for an adventurous trip?

With manufacturers stepping up their game to enter this growing market, there is a wide variety of styles and options. From classic styles to brand-new makes, there is a camper that can fit your needs and budget.

We’ll explore the best short bed truck campers, from the highest-rated and most popular models to the budget-friendly yet reliable ones. Let’s begin!

Best Short Bed Truck Campers

A shortbed pickup camper can be the perfect fit for those looking to get the most out of their truck camping experience. Their compact size and lightweight design are perfect for those seeking freedom and exploration without compromising comfort and convenience.

Let’s explore the top 6 campers for short bed trucks and what makes them stand out.

#1. Lance 650

Capacities and Specifications:

  • Season: Four-season
  • Weight: 2,061 lbs
  • Total floor length: 94 inches
  • Fresh water capacity: 22 gallons

Why we love it:

With its compact design, the Lance 650 Truck Camper fits perfectly into any short-bed truck, giving you the maximum camping gear space.

The camper is also built with a super-strong, aluminum-reinforced frame, making it exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding the most challenging terrain.

The windows and roof vent are made from radius acrylic thermopane, which is excellent for keeping the heat in and the cold out. The kitchen is surprisingly well-equipped with a stove, oven, and 3 Cu. Ft refrigerator, as well as removable spice racks and a clothes rod.

The 100-Watt solar panel is a bonus, and the high-efficiency furnace ensures that it stays warm and cozy. Plus, it’s wired for shore power and 12V outlets, making it highly convenient.

#2. Host Mammoth 11.6

Capacities and Specifications:

  • Season: Four-season
  • Weight: 3955 lbs
  • Total floor length: 136 inches
  • Fresh water capacity: 65 gallons

Why we love it:

The Host Mammoth 11.6 is designed to provide the ultimate comfort and luxury in a short bed truck camper.

The camper’s body is high-quality aluminum alloy, with huge windows that let in plenty of natural light. The queen bed with a sidewall wardrobe is impressive, and the 13,500 BTU AC and heat pump will keep you comfortable in all seasons.

The small kitchen with a microwave and three-burner range is a big plus for people who like to cook. The 2.5 kW generator and 120V fireplace with electric heater make this camper a great choice for anyone looking for comfort and convenience.

The Host Mammoth 11.6, with its spacious interior and state-of-the-art features, will satisfy even the most discerning truck camper enthusiasts.

#3. Arctic Fox 811

Capacities and Specifications:

  • Season: Four-season
  • Weight: 2873 lbs
  • Total floor length: 200 inches
  • Fresh water capacity: 50 gallons

Why we love it:

The Arctic Fox 811 features a durable design and space-saving construction, making it one of the perfect campers for short bed pickups.

The full-hearted fiberglass hermetic shell and dual-wall, vacuum-formed insulated construction ensure warmth and safety in any weather. The 2.5 LP generator and 120-watt solar panel provide enough power for all needs on the road.

Blind spot monitoring with a rearview camera and external LED light gives an extra layer of protection. The 13,500 BTU furnace with 30 lbs LP gas capacity provides a comfortable, cozy environment, even camping in cold climates.

In addition, the 811 features a queen-sized cab-over bed and a drop-down’ dinette design for enhanced interior living space.

#4. nuCamp Cirrus 620

Capacities and Specifications:

  • Type: Hard-sided
  • Season: Four-season
  • Weight: 1,491 lbs
  • Total floor length: 152 inches
  • Fresh water capacity: 17 gallons

Why we love it:

It has plenty of counter space and room to store all your cooking accessories. One of the main advantages of the NuCamp Cirrus 620 Truck Camper is its convenience.

It also has an aluminum-made framed roof, floors, and walls, keeping the camper lightweight and easy to tow. Additionally, it has a 5-gallon propane tank with a hydraulic furnace and water heater. There won’t be any problem in staying warm and comfortable during cold weather.

Finally, the solar power system with a 210-watt panel helps power the camper and charge the batteries, which is excellent for running everything in remote areas.

#5. Everest 11’6″

Capacities and Specifications:

  • Season: Four-season
  • Weight: 3,890 lbs
  • Total floor length: 136 inches
  • Fresh water capacity: 65 gallons

Why we love it:

The Everest 11’6″ is an all-in-one short bed truck camper that combines convenience and luxury.

It’s made entirely from aluminum and features a fiberglass exterior. You can maneuver it easily, thanks to the aerodynamic design. The large windows have lockable, canvas-covered screens for extra privacy. Powering everything a breeze because of a 45 Amp power converter and battery charger.

The camper also has a heavy-duty TPO roof rack, which is great for storing extra camping gear. Inside, there’s a queen bed with one extended wardrobe to store clothes and other items.

everest truck camper

#6. Northern Lite 8-11EX

Capacities and Specifications:

  • Season: Four-season
  • Weight: 2,832 lbs
  • Total floor length: 131 inches
  • Fresh water capacity: 36 gallons

Why we love it:

The Northern Lite 8-11EX is a lightweight, easily maneuverable slide in camper for short bed trucks.

The solid wood door, cabinets, and trim make for a high-end appearance and durable construction. The built-in solar port with a switchable battery charge controller ensures you have enough power to keep the lights on. The gas stove and oven provide the perfect opportunity to cook something tasty.

Additionally, the bunk beds easily fold into an upper bed compartment and provide extra storage underneath the lower bed seats, allowing you to maximize the space in the camper.

For those who want to take advantage of the great outdoors, the double 200-watt solar panels give you plenty of power to enjoy a day in the sun.

Final Words

All the campers we’ve reviewed offer great value for money. Their comfortable interiors and ample storage make them great for long road trips, weekend excursions, and extended camping trips.

Choose the right short bed truck camper, so you can make the most of your time outdoors and have a great time camping with your family and friends.

Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson
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