DynastyMattress CoolBreeze – The Best RV Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

As a camper and stomach sleeper, finding the perfect mattress is essential for ensuring comfortable and pain-free nights while on the road. For many years, I tried different mattresses hoping to find one that properly supports my shoulders, groin, and thighs.

All too often I would wake up sore after sinking into a soft surface throughout the night. Then I discovered the DynastyMattress CoolBreeze, and I can confidently say it’s the best RV mattress for stomach sleepers.

The CoolBreeze has made all the difference in allowing me to truly relax and rest up on trips instead of worrying about body pain the next day. Keep reading to get the in-depth review of this mattress. 

Product Overview


  • Size: Short Queen
  • Thickness: 8-inch
  • Top Style: Tight Top
  • Cover Material: Jacquard
  • Fill Material: Polyester, foam, gel memory foam, memory foam, cotton, gel
  • Special Feature: Adjustable and durable
  • Construction Type: Foam, memory foam
  • Color: White brown
dynastymattress rv bed

For the stomach sleepers, the CoolBreeze gel memory foam mattress ensures a full night of relaxing sleep, without having to shift positions to find comfort. Wake up fully relaxed with no pain in your shoulders, chest, or legs. It offers unmatched comfort that helps calm my mind, so I can easily drift off to sleep.

What sets the CoolBreeze apart is its just-right level of firmness. It keeps my spine aligned without feeling too hard. As a stomach sleeper, having that right amount of firmness prevents pressure points from forming while still supporting my entire front side. 

DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Mattress Construction

The CoolBreeze mattress has great construction that provides just the right balance of support and cushioning. Its 8-inch thickness and high-density memory foam interior contours nicely to my body without feeling too soft. 

I appreciate the gel memory foam layer, which lets air flow easily through the open-cell structure. The cover is also top-notch. The four-way stretch fabric follows my every movement without restriction. 

And the silk material feels incredible against my skin. It stays smooth and neat for months with only light spot cleaning needed. Thanks to the zipper, I can easily take it off if heavier washing is ever required too.

DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Mattress Performance

As a stomach sleeper who’s dealt with occasional neck, shoulder, and back pain because of sleeping on the wrong type of mattress, I’ve found CoolBreeze to be the best RV mattress to be a lifesaver. 

Let me share my experience with how this mattress performs: 


When I first laid on the CoolBreeze, I was worried it might be too soft like other memory foam beds I’ve tried. But after sleeping on it for a while, I realized just how supportive it is. The memory foam perfectly contours to your body without feeling like you’re sinking in. It definitely has a firmer feel than most other memory foam mattresses out there.

As a stomach sleeper, having that right balance of contouring and support is crucial for keeping my spine, neck, and shoulders aligned as I sleep. With the CoolBreeze, I feel completely cradled without any pressure points. 

My shoulders and hips are gently cushioned, so I can sleep peacefully through the night. The firmness prevents my back from sagging, which used to happen on softer beds and lead to morning aches.

Motion Transfer

One thing I’ve noticed is how little motion is transferred across the mattress surface. Many nights my partner has gotten up or turned over in bed, and I’ve barely felt a thing. The memory foam does an excellent job of isolating movement.

I’ve also never been disturbed awake by our dog jumping on or off the bed either. The CoolBreeze truly soaks up all vibrations, so you can stay undisturbed in a deep sleep.

Responsive Feel

While being supportive, the mattress also has a very responsive feel to it. The memory foam instantly cradles my body as I change positions in my sleep. I don’t feel stuck or like I have to put a lot of effort into movements.

When it’s time to get up in the morning, I don’t sink down so far that it’s difficult to lift myself out of bed. The memory foam gives just the right amount of ‘hug’ without making me feel trapped. 

Temperature Control

Staying cool at night is no problem with the CoolBreeze. The dynamic gel memory foam works wonders at regulating temperature. 

The open cell structure also allows great airflow so heat isn’t trapped underneath me. Even if the room temperature rises during sleep, I stay comfortable and cozy, thanks to the mattress’s cooling features. 


Being a memory foam mattress, I was concerned about how long the mattress would last under regular use. However, after a year now, it still looks and feels like it did on day one. The memory foam has maintained its shape and level of support.

There are no noticeable dips or depressions developing that I sometimes noticed on other memory foam beds over time. Based on its track record so far, I have full confidence this mattress will continue serving me well for years. The zip off cover is also easy to remove and launder, helping keep the mattress surface fresh and clean long term.

dynastymattress coolbreeze

Why Is This The Best RV Mattress for Stomach Sleepers?

CoolBreeze offers the perfect balance of firmness and cushion for stomach sleepers, who need support for their spine to avoid back pain. This mattress’ fill materials, combined of various foam types, helps keep your back straight throughout the night.

Another thing I love is how well it cushions pressure points. Even though I’m a stomach sleeper, I do shift positions occasionally during sleep. The memory foam molds closely to my body no matter what position I’m in, taking pressure off my hips, shoulders, and knees. 

Hands down, the DynastyMattress CoolBreeze is the best camper mattress I’ve found for stomach sleeping. Its perfect balance of support and cushion has provided many great night’s sleep during my camping adventures. 


If you’re a restless stomach sleeper on the road, craving for pain-free nights, the DynastyMattress CoolBreeze is your knight in shining armor. This mattress offers the perfect blend of support and cooling technology, cradling your body and allowing you to enjoy a sound sleep.Β 

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