LUCID 10 Inch Memory – The Best RV Mattress for Side Sleepers

As a long time side sleeper, I’ve always preferred mattresses that provide the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Most of them just don’t work well for side sleeping—they’re either too firm and put pressure on my shoulders and hips, or too soft and leave my spine unsupported. But after testing one from LUCID, I’ve found it to be the best RV mattress for side sleepers.

The mattress offers comfort without compromising the underlying support for healthy spinal alignment all night long. I get a great night’s sleep on it and get up in the morning with no pain. After using it for over a year now, I still think the RV mattress is the ideal choice for side sleepers like me.

Keep reading to get my detailed review on this product. 

LUCID Mattress Overview

Mattress specs:

  • Size: Short queen
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Thickness: 10-inch
  • Product Dimensions: 75″L x 60″W x 10″H
  • Top Style: Smooth top
  • Cover Material: Polyester
  • Number of Layers: 3
  • Fill Material: Gel memory foam, memory foam
  • Special Feature: Hypoallergenic, pressure relief, breathable, low motion transfer
  • Color: White
  • Coil Type: Encased coil

The Lucid memory foam mattress was designed with side sleeping in mind, but I’ve found it comfortable regardless of my sleeping positions. Memory foam and encased coils work together to gently cradle pressure points. 

The memory foam contours to your body without feeling too soft. Underneath, sturdy coils prevent you from bottoming out. This combo makes for a medium-firm feel perfect for side sleeping.

LUCID Mattress Construction

The mattress is made of three key layers that work together perfectly. The top layer is three inches of plush gel-infused memory foam. This is the softest part of the mattress where you’ll sink in just the right amount. 

Underneath is 5.5 inches of dense foam infused with bamboo charcoal. This provides a sturdy but responsive base for your body. An additional 1.5 inches of transition foam sits between those layers. This gradually adjusts to your body’s shape, so you don’t feel like you’re sinking too deep. 

I appreciate that LUCID uses CertiPUR-US certified materials. That means this mattress has passed strict tests for durability, performance, and off-gassing. With a 10-year warranty, you know it will last. 

LUCID Mattress Performance

I have chosen this camper mattress not because it’s the most top-quality model out there, but because of its excellent value if you consider the price point.

At less than $400, it’ll last several years and ensure the best sleep for side sleepers. Let’s find out its shining features: 


When it comes to firmness, the mattress strikes an excellent balance for side sleeping. The top layer of gel-infused memory foam gently cradles my shoulders and hips while I lay on my side, taking pressure off of those key pressure points. 

At the same time, the dense foam base layer ensures I maintain proper spinal alignment without sinking in too deeply. This is critical for side sleepers to avoid pain. 

Motion Transfer

I’m impressed with how well this mattress absorbs and isolates motion. Thanks to the independently-encased coils beneath the memory foam, I don’t feel my partner’s movements at all when they get in and out of bed in our small RV space.

This is wonderful for undisturbed sleep. The foam layers above also help dampen vibrations from bumps in the road when driving.


The materials of the mattress respond to changes in pressure, adjusting quickly to my various sleeping postures. Being a side sleeper, I shift positions a good bit if I wake up and can’t fall back asleep right away. I like to change which arm is under my pillow or switch which leg is on top in the hopes it will help me feel comfy again. 

This mattress adjusts every single time without feeling stuck or sunken in. As soon as I roll over to another position, the memory foam cups my new shape for optimal support. 

Some memory foam mattresses can leave an impression where you were laying that takes a long time to disappear. But this one does not leave any lingering dips after changing position or getting out of the bed. 

Temperature Control

The unique combination of gel-infused and charcoal-infused memory foams allows this mattress to sleep exceptionally cool. On warm nights, I’ve never once woken up feeling overheated as the breathable foams wick away moisture and regulate temperature. 

The gel beads absorb my body heat while the charcoal filters out odors to keep the mattress fresh. These materials allow for a more restful night’s sleep by eliminating heat and smells. 


After putting this mattress through rigorous use and storage in the cramped quarters of my RV over the past year, I’m impressed by its durability.

The dense coil and foam core have maintained great support and structure without showing signs of wear. I expect it to last me for many camping seasons with its premium quality construction.

Why Is This The Best RV Mattress for Side Sleepers?

For me as a side sleeper, the LUCID memory foam mattress is “the one” for my RV. What really sets it apart is how well it supports my spine and relieves pressure points. 

When sleeping on my side, I need a mattress that will keep my back and shoulders properly aligned without allowing me to sink in too far. The multiple layers of foam in this mattress do just that. 

The top gel memory foam layer gives just the right amount of cushioning to relieve pressure on my shoulders and hips. Below it, the denser support foam layers ensure my spine stays neutral without feeling like I’m sinking too deep.

At first the mattress has a nice soft feel, but after sleeping on it for a while you notice how firmly it holds you in place. Its medium-firm feel provides a balance of comfort and support that side sleepers need.

User Reviews

We bought this mattress for our RV. At first we thought it was to firm. We have slept on for more than a week and my husband and I have slept so good. My husband has back issues and he said he has been able to get a good night sleep. Sleeping on this mattress has been a game changer for him. We are thinking about purchasing another one for our bed at home!!

Shared by Lioness

I purchased a 10’ short queen mattress for our Rv. My mattress arrived a day early and the box was in good shape. I took it to our Rv, and removed the old mattress from the Rv before cutting the heavy wrapping off of the new mattress. As soon as I took off the heavy plastic from the outide, it started to grow. I realized I probably should have put it on the bed before unwrapping! I quickly got it on the bed and finished the unwrapping. They included a handy little razor knife for just that purpose. Within 20-30 minutes I could tell this mattress was going to be so much better than the original. I couldn’t wait the 24 hours to lie down on it. I laid there for 30 mins and had zero pressure points. I was pretty amazed and am definitely looking forward to our upcoming three week camping trip. This mattress is well worth the money. The mattress had no noticeable smell.

Shared by Heidi

My family lives in a camper. We have been sleeping on the factory provided mattress with an additional memory foam topper for a few months now – cue back ache, discomfort, and lump city! We decided to get a “real” mattress for our bed since that is really the only thing we miss about living in our old house. After much research, I bought this firm short queen. It came vacuum sealed and inflated within 24 hours. The first night was different (considering what we were used to) but it’s been 10 days and we will never go back!!! My husband likes a softer bed while I enjoy something more firm so the “firm” style (which is the only one available for short queen) is a perfect compromise for us. We both give this product 5 stars and would gladly purchase again in the future if needed!

Shared by Kris Suniga

I purchased this mattress for my camper last year, to replace the worn foam one that came with it. Due to the short queen platform and the slant, I opted for the 10″. I also purchased the bedsure quilted mattress protector and an aerated under pad for maximum air circulation as it is not used daily. I find myself resting (napping) on this mattress often. Researched many rv mattress reviews and settled on this one. Zero regrets and it has been used for a year as a spare for company. The medium firm is perfect. Not too hard and not too soft. So far so good. When we finish our house and purchase a new bed, I am getting a 12″ Lucid, gel infusion, bamboo &charcoal hypoallergenic memory foam mattress.

Shared by Prevent A Litter


I’ve found the LUCID memory foam mattress a great choice for side sleepers like myself. Its excellent pressure relief, motion isolation, temperature control, and durable construction make it a superior choice for your RV bed.

It has made all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep while on the road. The mattress delivers comfort without costing a fortune. 

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